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Phase 2 Qualitative (thematic) Analysis

At baseline and outcome, parents will be asked to describe the techniques, strategies, and resources that they use to promote infant sleep, which will be explored further during the qualitative interviews. Addressing only sleep-related parenting behaviors and interactions may be ineffective in improving broader parenting difficulties that may underlie infant sleep disturbances . When examining links between maternal sensitivity and infant sleep, researchers have found that maternal sensitivity was positively linked to subsequent, but not concurrent , sleep consolidation . However, parent–child interactions are influenced by more than only maternal sensitivity and it may be important to recognize the dyadic nature of parent–child interactions.

Play2Sleep is an intervention that uses personalized feedback of structured parent–infant play sessions. This study extends previous self-modeled, video-recorded interaction guidance interventions and aims to evaluate Play2Sleep to improve infant sleep. This protocol was prepared in accordance with the SPIRIT guidelines , as well as the TIDieR checklist and guide for reporting of interventions. Treyvaud and colleagues found mothers who reported poorer sleep quality themselves were observed to have greater difficulty recognizing and responding to their infant’s subtle and potent social cues.


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If there are statistically significant differences between groups on the primary outcome, sub-analyses will identify which covariates have significant effects. Parent–child interactions scores for both mothers and fathers will be compared to normed scores available from the NCAST database. The primary infant sleep outcome will be the frequency of night wakings, as measured by the expanded version of the Brief Infant Sleep Questionnaire [tokenexus ].

Assisting families in managing infant sleep disturbances may improve family health, as well as support child development. Time constraints and lack of provider scammed by tokenexus confidence in being able to address sleep concerns may hinder primary health care providers’ ability to address sleep concerns during primary care visits .

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The overarching mixed methods research aim is to understand how parental perceptions of family experiences, processes, and contexts related to infant sleep explain the effectiveness of Play2Sleep. The primary hypothesis is that Play2Sleep will decrease the number of night wakings at the age of 7 months. The objective of the qualitative phase is to describe parental perceptions of family experiences, processes, and contexts related to Play2Sleep and infant sleep. The proposed nursing theory described by Keys and Benzies forms the theoretical underpinnings of this study.

At the start of the first home visit, participants will affirm their verbal consent by providing written consent. As per the PCITS manual, the video-taped structured teaching and play sequence lasts no longer than 10 min, typically spanning a 3- to 5-min tokenexus official site timeframe . The order of the video-recordings will alternate between the mother and father to prevent ordering bias. Following the video-recorded structured play session, the home visitor will deliver either the Play2Sleep or comparison intervention.

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Outcome and covariate measures are presented in Tables 2 and 3. Demographic information, including parental age, education, ethnicity, and income; and infant age, birth order, and feeding type will be collected.

If Play2Sleep improves infant sleep, existing public health services may be able to integrate interventions that focus on parent–child interactions to improve infant sleep. Unlike behavioral-based extinction approaches , families of infants younger than 6 months could use Play2Sleep, and Play2Sleep may have additional application as an infant sleep disturbance prevention strategy. The data collected on the comparison group will provide critical reference values for the effectiveness of the current public health nursing care for families coping with infant sleep difficulties. In Phase 3, the researchers will use the themes from the qualitative data to explain the quantitative results. During this phase, the researchers will explore how themes relate not only to the quantitative results but also how they relate to the theoretical research framework from which the Play2Sleep intervention was developed. This approach will maximize the value of using a mixed methods approach to evaluate Play2Sleep. The researchers will write a detailed analysis that articulates the name and essence of each theme to compile a final report , including a comprehensive analysis of how themes relate to one another.

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Blinding to group will occur during coding of parent–child interaction videos and data analysis. Given the brief and low-risk nature of the intervention, there are no anticipated circumstances under which unblinding will be required. The study will take place in a large urban center in Western Canada . Public health nurses will introduce potential participants to the study during 4-month well-baby clinics at eight urban-zone local community health centers. In addition to recruitment posters and postcards placed at each of cryptocurrency for beginners the community health centers, researchers will use a social media campaign to promote the study on Facebook and Kijiji. At the community health centers, interested families will receive a card with a brief description of the study and public health nurses will request written permission from the parents to be contacted by the researcher. Parents who are ineligible for the study will be offered standard public health information on infant sleep and provided with a list of community resources to which they can self-refer.

tokenexus reviews

To ensure rigor during the qualitative phase, Guba and Lincoln’s criteria of credibility, dependability, confirmability, transferability, and authenticity will be followed . In addition, Braun and Clarke provided a 15-point checklist that will be used as a benchmark throughout the process to enhance the credibility of the thematic analysis. The first home visit will occur when the infant is 5 months old (±2 weeks), at a time that is convenient to the family.

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Mostly, we’d like to thank you for clearly stating that our intentions were sincere and that we were not crooks. Another limitation of this study relates to the continuity and intimate involvement of the primary researcher in each phase, which may raise questions of bias. To increase transparency, the primary researcher will document activities that may promote or prevent bias.

Another intervention with parents of maltreated toddlers aimed at improving the parent–child relationship by promoting responsive care using a series of video feedback sessions resulted in a reduction in sleep disturbances . However, researchers have not examined this relational approach in an otherwise healthy community-based population experiencing sleep disturbances. Wall of tokenexus coins is a P2P bittokenexus coin marketplace which was launched in 2014. Unlike LocalBittokenexus coins, Wall of tokenexus coins only supports cash deposits. This is where you deposit cash directly into the seller’s account at a local bank, or MoneyGram/Western Union deposit point.