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resume=In early-1980s northern Italy, amid the lush Mediterranean landscapes of a serene and golden summer, 17-year-old, Elio, visits the family's summer villa to spend his vacation with his father and Greco-Roman culture professor, Mr Perlman, his translator mother, Annella, and the American doctoral student who works there as an intern, Oliver. But, little by little, over the course of six fleeting weeks, a timid friendship between Elio and Oliver will prepare the ground for an unexpected bond, as the unexplored emotions of first love start boiling over. Could this sun-kissed romance in Lombardy be the prelude to maturity?

runtime=2 h 12M

Directed by=Luca Guadagnino

Ratings=8 of 10

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Exquisite. I was filled with heartache and longing from beginning to end. A film hasn’t made me feel so much in a long time.


Rarely movies succeed in creating such a sensual and at the same time realistic sense of place and make us feel like we are living with the characters and experiencing emotions and desires with them. Beautifully shot and acted, well paced and incredibly warm – a must see. This is why I go to the movies.
A feast for the eyes and the ears. Romantic, emotional, and haunting. One of those rare films that will stay in your head for a long, long, time.