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Video Processing With Opencv In Ios Swift Project

Logically, a hand with 5 fingers should only have 4 defects points. However, the openCV method will return more structures than that because of differences between convex hull and hand contour at a junction between hand and wrist .

Fig 13 shows a hardware setup of Arduino Uno board and Arduino BLE Shield. As shown in Fig 11, the blue polygon is the convex hull of detected hand contour, red circles are start points and end points of convexity defects, and green circles are defect points.

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In this article, we have shown how easy it is to detect simple objects from an image using OpenCV. Feel free to fork and send push requests, as contributions are welcome. Augmented reality apps start with understanding images, and this is how you can do it. Go into project cvvideocamera “SuperCool Logo Detector” Build Target and in the Build Settings tab, find the “Prefix Headers” setting. You can find it in the LLVM Language section, or use the search feature. A major challenge in computer vision is to detect objects of interest in images.

All of the AVCaptureSession setup happens then, inside the private method -async_startPreviewing. Enter BKPCaptureMaster, the class whose job is to provide a clean interface to the iPad camera and Structure Sensor. This makes the code of the app a bit simpler, but I regret that it meant pulling out some of the most interesting code from the app.

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I also needed the connection process to be rock-solid, no matter whether the app loses focus, or I switch to another app using the Sensor, or the Sensor is only plugged in after the app is launched. The BKPCapturingViewController has no choice but to wait for the camera to get started; it is notified of a camera status change via the required CaptureMasterResultsDelegate method -captureMasterStatusChanged.

Overall, the physical manipulator has a size of 420 x 216 x 162 millimeters and an approximate weight of 300 grams. It was a fun adventure, but in the end, I just couldn’t find a way to interpret the Structure Sensor’s data to reliably determine the size of a Lego brick. I suspect that the Structure Sensor may not be accurate enough to distinguish the minor differences between the sizes of small bricks, cvvideocamera except in perfectly consistent conditions or when many captures of the same brick are made and averaged. In order for the box to line up with the paper, the Sensor must be directly above the paper and at the correct distance. With these variables standardized, I took multiple measurements of each size of brick in a number of positions and at four different rotations (0°, 45°, 90°, and 135°).

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The code-frozen research version of the app is available on my GitHub, under the structureEnabled branch, and an explanation of the removed code follows. Last fall, my computer graphics professor told us about a recently-funded Kickstarter project called the Structure Sensor, which is like a mini-Kinect for the iPad. He would be receiving a Structure soon and challenged the class to think of a research project using the sensor. I came up with an idea, inspired in part by Disney Infinity and Skylanders, and that idea became Brickspace. iOS 7.0+; macOS 10.9+ The default is nil, indicating the internal video compositor is used. The customVideoCompositorClass must implement the AVVideoCompositing protocol.


In this approach, the threshold for such elimination is based on a distance D between a defect point and convex hull, or a depth value in a convexity structure, and an angle α between lines connecting start point, defect point, and end point. Through experimentation, it is found that D less than 51 of a screen height and α less than 90 degrees will make a reasonable combination for such threshold. The standard Hitec servo has a rotation speed of 0.15/60 second/degrees and a torque of 3.7 kg/cm at 6.0V, a size of 39.88 x 19.81 x 36.32 millimeters, and a weight of 42.81 grams. The range of its rotation angle is from 0 to 180 degrees. To secure all parts, the hardware requires pieces of 3mm x 10mm screw, 3mm x 15mm screw, 3mm x 30mm screw, 3mm washers, 3mm nuts, and 3mm lock nuts.

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The human eye and brain do an exceptional job , and replicating this in machines is still a dream. Over recent decades, approaches have been developed to mimic this in machines, and it is getting better.

  • Therefore the exposure must be set to custom values, in order to obtain an image as dark as possible.
  • In this game of life, the hand dealt represents determinism, the way you play it’s free will !
  • I need to analyze video frames from AVCaptureDevice using opencv.
  • i have done project in past in c++ using visual studio , opencv 2.3 , create object of type backgroundsubtractormog2 , use setnmixtures , on.

Here’s what the scanning screen looks like again, and a reference image I made showing all of the places I put each brick and recorded its volume estimate. Talking to the iPad camera is easy enough, but we don’t always know when the Structure is connected, or when we should be looking for it.


to solve this, have override viewdidlayoutsubviews method of uiviewcontroller update previewlayer’s position , bounds every time subviews’ layout changes. Computer vision is focused on extracting information from the input images or videos to have a proper understanding of them to predict the visual input like human brain. The community is home to members who are interested or experienced in various fields from image processing, machine learning to signal processing and hope to help others with their queries and share useful and relevant information. I looked into the Educational Mobile App Development object used for processing the live feed and it seems like it cannot stream data from a file, only the camera.