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Fitness after Forty

  • Routine complete gynaec check up
    • Every woman should undergo regular routine gynecologist check ups after the age of forty. The physical examination with the detail history helps to determine a woman’s risk for certain diseases. We also need to discuss libido and incontinence which have a big impact on woman’s quality of life.

  • Pap smear
    • From the age of forty, women should get Pap smears done at regular intervals depending on results of previous testing.This is a simple screening test which can be carried out on OPD basis.

  • Breast examination and screening for breast cancer
    • Age is an important risk factor for breast cancer. Women need to do monthly breast self exams, get a clinical breast examination annually and yearly mammogram after 40.

  • Diet plan for the woman after 40
    • It is important to maintain a healthy balanced and nutritious diet as it reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases. Features of a healthy diet includes an emphasis on fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low fat dairy products.

  • Excercise plan for the woman after 40
    • Maintaining flexible muscles is an important component of workout at 40. The goal is to maintain the muscle mass the woman has so it doesn’t decline as she ages. Walking and cycling are good form of exercise.

  • Evaluation of heavy periods and other menstrual disorders
    • Irregular heavy bleeding and dysmenorrhea is common. Abnormal bleeding needs to be evaluated. Detail history and examination with an ultrasound is neccessary.

  • Surgical intervention
    • Diagnostic procedure like a dilatation and curettage for evaluation of endometrial hyperplasia. Hysterectomy may be needed in some cases. The mode of hysterectomy ie. vaginal, abdominal or total laparoscopic hysterectomy will depend on the indication and the patients history.