Motherhood and Beyond

Delivering the joyous of motherhood


Supermoms is a program designed to ensure a fit and healthy mother from preconception to postnatal period. There is a series of lectures which will help you to sail through this wonderful journey happily and fearlessly.

The following lectures are available:

  • Preconceptional counselling
    • This is the medical care that a woman or man receives which focuses on the parts of health which increase the chances of having a healthy baby. Preconception health gives babies the best gift of all – the best chance for a healthy start to a healthy life.

  • First trimester — what to expect
    • This trimester can be overwhelming and exciting but also exhausting. Understand the changes you may experience and learn how to combat the troublesome symptoms. You may need some lifestyle changes and need to avoid certain foods and medicines to keep your baby safe and healthy.

  • Prenatal exercise plan
    • During pregnancy, your body experiences dramatic physiological changes that require a carefully designed exercise program. The exercise program should be directed toward muscle strengthening to minimize the risk of joint and ligament injuries.

  • Prenatal diet planning
    • Diet plans vary for each trimester. Pregnancy and lactation place extra demands on your body. To meet these demands, you need to think about what is the best you can eat and drink. Learn about healthy eating plans, pregnancy cravings and pregnancy food safety.

  • Breast feeding
    • Babies should be breastfed within one hour of birth as well as exclusively breastfed for the first six months. This is the complete and essential nutrition that is easy for the baby to digest and has numerous long-term health benefits.

  • Preparing for the D-DAY
    • This is the preparatory session for the D-day. It gives you information about breathing techniques vital during labor, which will help you to sail comfortably through the labor. The role of the father when present is also crucial. Information about various modes of delivery and painless labor is provided.

  • Postnatal diet and excercise plan to get back in shape
    • Postnatal period involves the mother progressing through many changes, both emotional and physical. A mother needs to take good care of herself to rebuild her strength. Good nutrition is essential for this to happen. Exercise and daily physical activity needs to be included with a healthy diet plan.